Cast and Crew

Our cakes and cupcakes come in a variety of flavours and icing combinations and we’re always happy to suggest the perfect pairing.

Our flavour wheel shows our most commonly requested to give you an idea, but if there’s something you fancy that you don’t see, let us know! You’d be amazed what’s available if you ask - bubblegum flavour anyone? (No, seriously - it’s not that great though...)

What is...?


A smooth, pliable rolled icing, used to cover both sponge and fruit cakes after they have been iced, (or covered with marzipan if it's fruit.) Provides a lovely clean finish for decorating and tastes great too.

Royal Icing

Often used for decoration, but can also be used to cover fruit cakes over marzipan - think traditional Christmas Cakes. Sets very hard unlike sugarpaste which remains soft.

Poured Fondant

Think of fondant fancies or cherry bakewells and you're pretty much there - a smooth pourable icing that sets but remains soft - used to top cupcakes.


Available in multiples of 6 with 6 being the minimum order for any one flavour.

The Whoopie Cupcake comes in a minimum order of 12 - but why would you want any less?


Our Collections of single tier cakes come as 6in rounds as standard, which will provide 12 portions - honestly, it’s bigger than you think! (See our servings guide)

Any single tier cake can of course be adjusted to suit your size requirements; from 7in to 12in and in different shapes too.

If you require a larger or smaller bespoke cake, please contact us for a quote.