The Director
Baking Whoopie was created by Helen M

Modern Meets Retro

Our cake journey started off in a tiny home kitchen back in 2010, making simple but delicious cupcakes for special occasions. Before long, clients were asking for more and more creative and bespoke celebration cakes and Baking Whoopie was born.

Our cakes have always been about taste first - after all, what's the point in a gorgeous creation that nobody wants to eat? Our ingredients are farm sourced and organic wherever possible and we never use artificial preservatives. In fact, with the exception of our Red Velvet cake, (which contains colourant) anything remotely artificial is used for decorating purposes only.

Likewise, no-one wants to eat a cake that doesn't look as fabulous as its centre. Our guiding principal is therefore a cake that tastes like your Granny made it, complete with a brand new theatrical costume!